Rowan McPaddles


Navigate an endless, dangerous river


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Navagate though a river's dangerous waters, and avoid the lethal local fauna in the arcade game Rowan McPaddles, an fun endless runner with colorful graphics.

Just swipe your finger horizontally across the screen to move through the river's turbulent waters. The controls are somewhat different than the typical endless runner, but they work very well with Rowan McPaddles's nautical theme. Use them to evade obstacles and collect the gold coins scattered throughout the scene.

As well as swiping, you can tap the screen to jump. Although this basic move is great to to avoid the river's dangers, it's not all your boat is capable of; you can also spin by double tapping the screen! Spin a few times in a row to win gold coins that you can exchange for new characters and outfits.

Overall, Rowan Mcpaddles is a super fun arcade game with exceptional graphics. Although it may be bit difficult to learn, the great game experience is absolutely worth it.

Android 4.4 or previous versions